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Lawn Care

We at Turfsurge are your lawn care, landscaping and snow professionals here for all of your needs. 


Whether you need seasonal fertilizer treatments, looking to transform your landscape, or need snow cleared, with every project we take on, offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 


Once our professionals provide you with our superior service, you will see your ideas for your yard or property come to life. 

What We Do

Lawn Care

MAKE YOU Lawn Perfection

Keep Your Lawn Maintained

✅ Fertilization


✅ Grub Prevention

✅ Lawn Mowing

✅ Leaf Cleanup

✅ Liquid Aeration

✅ Overseeding

✅ Soil Tests

✅ Weed Control

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Design and maintain

Bring Beauty To Your Landscape

✅ Bush Removal

✅ Bush Trimming

✅ Debris Removal

✅ Fall Cleanup

✅ Flower and Shrub Installation

✅ Garden Bed Cleanout

✅ Garden Bed Installation

✅ Landscape Transformations

✅ Mulch Installations

✅ Sod Installations

✅ Spring Cleanup

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Snow Removal Solutions

✅ Residential Driveway Plowing


✅ Residential Sidewalk Shoveling

✅ Commercial Sidewalk Shoveling


✅ Commercial Parking Lot Plowing


✅ Deicing Solutions

snow removal

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